Yokosuka City

Yokosuka City - International City of Culture by the Sea

Yokosuka City is situated in the center of Miura Peninsula with three sides facing the ocean. The city has a warm climate and rich natural environment. It has the population of approximately 400,000. There is high expectation of its further development as a core city of Miura Peninsula in the future.

Yokosuka City lost the core of its existence as a naval port city when the Second World War ended in August 1945. The city made a brave effort, however, to transform its former military assets into peace-time industries.

In June 1950, the government proclaimed and enforced a law called “Act on Reconstruction of Cities that Formerly Served as Naval Ports” and Yokosuka City started reconstruction of new Yokosuka as a peace-time industrial coast city.

Yokosuka City has been making an effort to invest in improving and expanding its social infrastructure on the basis of the above law. At the same time, the city has been pushing forward with attractive urban planning in order to bring the concept of -- "International City of Culture by the Sea" -- into fruition by 2025 as the target. The development undertaking is founded on the basic principles of "coexistence," "cultural and technological interaction," and "creativity" that will fully utilize local resources such as the natural environment, history, culture, warm-heartedness of residents, and international characteristics that are unique to Yokosuka.

In April 2001, Yokosuka City officially became the first core city in Kanagawa Prefecture. In February 2007, the city commemorated the 100th anniversary of its municipality. This year (2015), the city is holding various anniversary events to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Yokosuka Naval Arsenal, which served as a foundation of the modernization of Japan and development of this city, and take advantage of these events as opportunities that would lead to further progress of the city.

Yokosuka City is specially aiming to create a city where "children have a leading role" so that married couples and child-rearing generation feel good about living in this city.

Official tree of Yokosuka City
Prunus speciosa

Official flower of Yokosuka City
Crinum asiaticum

Municipality enforcement February 15, 1907
Area 100.82 km2
Population 392,565

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Verny Park with a view of Yokosuka Arts Theatre Verny Park night landscape United States Fleet Activities Yokosuka Christmas illuminations Kurihama Flower World Nagai Seaside Park, Soleil-no-Oka
Dobuita Dori Sarushima Island Inside the Sarushima Island Yokosuka Museum of Art Yokosukahonko
Yokosuka is famous for its curry and rice Kannonzaki Lighthouse Memorial Ship "Mikasa" Yokosuka Military Port Tour Mt. Fuji viewed from Shonan Village
Japan-US Spring Festival Hashirimizu coast and Mt. Fuji viewed from Hazaki Mabori-kaigan promenade Tateishi Sunset in Tateishi

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Annual event schedule

Time Event Description
April 8 William Adams Cherry Blossom Party This ceremony commemorates the achievements of Anjin Miura (Japanese name of William Adams), who was a diplomatic advisor to Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu.
Late April Kanrin-maru Memorial Ceremony This ceremony is held for honoring the achievements of Kanrin-maru (the first Japanese ship ever to cross the Pacific) and its crew.
Mid-May Yokosuka curry festival Japan's largest local curry event
Beginning of June Yokosuka YY Transport Festa Various vehicles including trains, automobiles, and ships of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) are assembled at this festival.
Mid-July Ceremony of the Landing of Commodore Perry This ceremony commemorates the historical facts that brought about the end of Japan's policy of isolation.
Beginning of August Kaikoku-sai (festival of opening up the country), Yokosuka, Kanagawa Dance contest and Kaikoku fireworks festival
Beginning of August Yokosuka Friendship Day Timed with the Kaikoku-sai festival, this event is hosted by the Yokosuka US Naval Base and the base is opened to the public.
Beginning of August Yokosuka Summer Festa This event is hosted by the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) and its patrol ships are opened to the public.
August to September Dollar Town Campaign This campaign is based on the concept of turning Yokosuka into a city where US dollars can be used anytime.
Late October Yokosuka Mikoshi Parade During the parade, many 'mikoshi' (portable shrines) and floats (festival cars) make their way down the streets of Yokosuka, including the Yokosuka US Naval Base.
Mid-November Verny-Oguri Memorial Ceremony This ceremony commemorates two people who made a great contribution to the opening of the Yokosuka Iron Works.
Mid-November Yokosuka Sangyo Matsuri Specialty Festival This event promotes and sells local products such as vegetables and marine products produced in the area.
December 31 Yokosuka New Year Count-down Display of illuminated Japanese and US ships and fireworks to mark the year-end celebrations.
Late March Japan-US Spring Festival Visitors can experience the atmosphere of being in America at the Yokosuka Navy Base.

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